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DA will take police shooting to second grand jury | News

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DA will take police shooting to second grand jury

ATLANTA -- Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard told the mother of Ariston Waiters, he would hold someone accountable for her son's death and present his case a second time to a grand jury.

Waiters was shot twice in the back by a Union City Police Officer in December 2011.

Freda Waiters seemed subdued after meeting with the District Attorney. It has been a long road which included the rejection of her son's case by a previous grand jury. "
It's been three-and-a-half years so now I'm looking for justice to be corrected the right way,
she said as she entered the Fulton County Court House.

After getting a pledge by the D.A. that someone would be held accountable for her son
s death, she seemed tired, but resolute.
I just want to thank everybody and continue to pray for me and my family and I will get justice and justice will be served,
she said.

Ariston Waiters was unarmed, and shot twice in the back while lying on the ground and being handcuffed by a Union City Police Officer. In a GBI interview with Officer Luther Lewis, which was part of the original investigation, he claimed he shot Waiters when the teen went for his gun.

A grand jury refused to indict Officer Lewis in May 2012.
We've been here before on these very courthouse steps and experienced disappointment like we never expected, so what we are is vigilant,
said the mother
s attorney Mawuli Davis.

Howard met with Freda Waiters, her attorney and State Senator Vincent Fort for about 45 minutes on Wednesday. The District Attorney re-opened the case after new evidence cast doubt on Lewis' version of what happened.

Senator Fort said they will accept nothing but an indictment.
Luther Lewis killed Ariston Waiters, murdered him, but beyond that we know that there was a cover-up in Union City and the people that covered it up ought to be brought to justice,
he said.

Last week Freda Waiters and her supporters asked the Union City to fire Police Chief Charles Odom and accused him of covering up Officer Lewis' involvement in the shooting.

D. A. Howard gave no indication on when he plans to re-present the Waiters case to a new grand jury.

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