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Feisty Chihuahua fends off coyote in Fairburn | News

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Feisty Chihuahua fends off coyote in Fairburn
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Feisty Chihuahua fends off coyote in Fairburn

FAIRBURN, GA (WXIA) -- A warning for pet owners -- watch out for coyotes! The warning came because of an incident in South Fulton County but wildlife officials say coyotes live in every county in Georgia. They are even more active this time of year because it is now breeding season for coyotes.

Ziva the chihuahua is moving a bit slowly after nearly being devoured by a coyote Sunday evening.

Her owners Arnold and Beverly DeLong heard her yelping in the woods behind their Fairburn home, and Arnold went out to investigate.

"The coyote was standing over her with his head right on her," he said. "He was getting ready to come in for the kill. The dog was just laying there. She was very, very bloody and I reached down and grabbed her."

The coyote ran off. Ziva was treated by a local veterinarian.

"He said that she was a miracle," said Arnold. "They couldn't believe she pulled through. They see dogs all the time that are attacked by raccoons and coyotes and they don't make it."

The DeLongs have seen coyotes in their yard before and taken pictures of them. They think their feisty Chihuahua helped save her own life by fighting back until help arrived.

"We're sure she bit the coyote because her face was just covered in blood," Arnold said.

The couple says their black Labrador suffered similar, but much more minor bite marks a few years ago. They said they plan to keep a closer eye on both dogs until coyote mating season is over.

Fairburn Police said they are putting a warning on their Facebook page.

Wildlife experts say that during coyote breeding season – which ends in late April – coyotes are out looking for food for their pups. They tend to be afraid of humans, but not of small pets.

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