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NFL Network and Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons to Visit Camp Creek Middle School

Atlanta, GA--  NFL Network, Comcast and Atlanta Falcons Kick Off 'Keep Gym in School' at Camp Creek Middle School on Tuesday, September 21st.

On Tuesday, Sept 21 at 10 a.m. Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner, will join NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes; John Eaves, Chair Fulton County Commission; Dr. Cindy Loe, Superintendent of Fulton County Schools; and 1,000 Students and faculty from Camp Creek Middle School as a part of the “Keep Gym in School” program.

The goal of "Keep Gyms in School" is to help boost fitness and physical education in America's middle schools. This campaign was developed for middle schools across the country who have been forced to cut P.E. out of their daily curriculum.